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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lost sleep and kids

It's been over a week since my last post. What a week it has been! My son was in for eye surgery last week. Am I glad that's over! (I guess he is too!) I didn't sleep well for a few nights leading up to the surgery date. I know that I'm not the only parent in the world who has had a child go in for surgery. Indeed, many other children have faced far more serious operations. But, it was very difficult for me, and my wife too, I think.
What I found to be one of the hardest things was telling my son that he was going to the hospital for an operation on his eyes. He's only three years old, so we didn't want to tell him too far in advance. So, we sat him down Wednesday morning (the day before the surgery) and talked to him about going to the hospital so the doctor could make his eyes better. It showed me how trusting children often are! There was no crying, protests, or the like. I guess it makes it easier when you don't really know what an operation or surgery is about. He didn't know enough to be upset or fearful. How I wish I could be like that!
Even harder than talking to him about the surgery was taking him to the hospital, putting the hospital pajamas on him, and finally, watching him walk through the big doors into the OR area with the nurse. My wife and I both looked at each other with tears in our eyes, tears we dared not show until our son was behind those doors. He has had a surgery before to correct a small birth defect. However, he was only about 15 months old at the time. He probably doesn't remember anything from that operation, although with his memory, you never know. Anyway, we were left sitting, watching and waiting. He, on the other hand, went off with no protests, no tears, stepping out into yet another new experience. I marvel at his ability to roll with the punches, to carry on no matter what the circumstances.
Wouldn't it be nice if we could all be a little like that? There are so many things that life throws our way. It's a good thing we don't know the end from the beginning, or we might never begin at all. I'm reminded of the time that Jesus took a little child and stood him/her in front of all the adults listening to him teach. He said, unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. (See the verse here: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=matthew%2018:2-5;&version=65;) In other words, faith comes by simple trust. We likely won't understand everything. But Jesus calls us to act on the things that we do understand. Jesus gives a simple invitation: come, follow me.
I'm trying to do that, one step at a time.
If you'd like to know more, or would like help in understanding any of this, post a comment and we can talk some more.


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David, I enjoyed your blog and will make it the "Link of the Week" for next week's PPC MidWeek Update!


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