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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Somebody else always says it better!

I wish I was a better writer, and thinker, and well, better almost anything!
But I can recognize a good thought when I see it or hear it, and when I do, I begin wishing I had said it or wrote it. Today is one of those times.
I've referred to Neil Crone's column in the News Advertiser before. He has an interesting writing style. I've never met him, but he seems like a guys' kind of guy. He doesn't write like a follower of Jesus in a blatant sort of way, but he gives the glimmering impression he's met Jesus before.
Neil's more recent column caught my eye and my imagination last week. He called it "Decide what you are for, not against." You can find his column online here: http://newsdurhamregion.com/opinion/article/107470. It's thought-provoking and good advice for anyone who is endeavouring to follow Jesus.
Speaking of Jesus, there's someone who definitely said it better!
Have a great day!


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