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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wasn't That a Party!?!

What a Canada Day we had! I must confess that I didn't skip church. I was speaking at a church in Ajax in the morning - you know, they were desperate and so they asked me to fill in! : )
A few days prior, we talked to a couple of friends about possibly having a party on Canada Day, but there were no definite plans. So, when we got home from church, we thought it would be good to do something. We began calling lots of different people, giving them only a few hours notice to come to a Canada Day BBQ at our house. If everybody showed up, we would have had almost 30 people there. Some were away, some couldn't come, and so we had 15 people altogether. We called some who didn't have a lot of connections and maybe wouldn't be doing anything else that day. A couple of them showed up, and it was nice to see everyone warm up to one another.
We didn't have anything fancy, just some burgers and sausages, along with salads (some brought by friends) and some finger desserts. We even had some Canada Day ice cream, also brought by friends. I've never seen it before. It's made by Chapmans, and it's called "Canadian Vanilla, Eh." It's vanilla ice cream with a red maple leaf insert in the middle. You serve it in slices so everyone gets a cross section of the maple leaf in their serving. We even sang O Canada as it was being served. (I didn't intend this, but I just jokingly sang the first few words as I saw the ice cream sitting on all the plates, and then others just joined in and there was no turning back.) Later, we drove down to the waterfront, parked on sidestreets and walked down to the bottom of Liverpool Rd to watch the fireworks. It was really crowded! But it was great to sit with friends (many of whom had never met each other before) and enjoy it.
It was a great day. It was one of my more memorable church experiences. It was lots of work, and cost a little, but getting together with friends, family and neighbours is always worth it!
Now, I'd like to hear your Canada Day adventures! Who will be first?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave; Wow we had a very similar if not the same experience this past Canada day.
We discussed possibly getting together with some friends we knew and invited other friends of friends over to our friends house(did you get all that) and had a BBQ and chatted. We than headed to the Lake to see fireworks. After a few of us got seperated we eventualy caught up to everyone and enjoyed the fireworks together.
It is wonderful when people take a step and invite people over. It is great that it can be on a mommets notice or planned ahead. As long as you have good food, willing hearts than your bound to have a blast. It was lots of fun. We enjoyed getting to share some time with close friends and meet new and interesting people. Plus the sausages were great. I look forward to events like this in the future. It is always nice to get together with fellow believers and just have fun!- Bonnie

P.S. Thanks Dave and Linda for hosting and providing great eats! It was fun.

5:13 p.m.


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