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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It's a busy time of the year. Of course, what time of year is not busy?
But it seems that right now there is a lot going on. Here it is only the first full week of February, but already I have been contacting people about their involvement in the Holy Week services coming up at our church - that's the first week of April, almost two months away!
Anyway, my thoughts are about the people I have been contacting for involvement. They are dedicated individuals who give of themselves - their time, energy and talents - to serve God by serving others.
This being appreciation month in our congregation, I want to send out a great big "I appreciate you!" to all those who serve faithfully as ushers, hosts and parking lot attendants. Many people take for granted what you do, and some are not even aware of what you do. Thank you for living beyond yourselves, for sacrificing time with your family to stand by the doors, in the foyer, or in the freezing cold parking lot to make someone else's experience at The Gathering Place a better experience. If no one else sees or cares what you do, be assured that your Heavenly Father sees and has something special in mind for you.
That being said, there's always room for more people to be involved. It would be nice to have 200 people available to be ushers, hosts, and parking lot attendants on a regular basis. Would you like to be involved? I'd love to hear from you!
But your involvement doesn't need to be limited to these areas. Just today I received a request for someone to help with a move. There's always a need for people to help - with moving, personal care, house maintenance, comforting those in difficult circumstances. It would be great to have a database that I could access, giving me info at a moment's notice when a need arises. If you would be willing to help out and make yourself available in this way, please let me know.
On this topic, here is a book I've been reading. In When God is the Life of the Party, Norm & Becky Wretlind write about being intentional about having an impact in our neighbourhoods for God. I haven't finished reading it yet, but it has been interesting and challenging so far.
Where can God use you? You'll only know when you begin to look around you and see needs that you can begin to meet.
God bless you, and may Jesus become more real for you today.


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Hey, found your blog refreshing to read! Thanks, it's nice to read something without having to overt my eyes, lol!

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