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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Already?

Life seems to go by so quickly! Here it is the last week of November, and December and Christmas are looming large. Where does the time go? It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we were enjoying summer and some holidays. Now, it's only 4+ weeks until Christmas. And before Christmas arrives, there are Christmas celebrations and banquets, Christmas pageants and musicals, and the numerous visits with family and friends. All of these are wonderful and can be highly satisfying, besides being uplifting. Each one taken on its own is a beautiful event. But add them all together, and we risk running ourselves ragged, and ending up wishing it was all over.
I hope to be able to take some time to reflect and relax this Christmas season. I wish for time to just kick back and enjoy the real celebration - the coming of Jesus as a baby to bring salvation to the world. I can't quite shake the feeling that the truth and reality of Christmas may get lost in all the busy-ness. I don't want that to happen for me and my family, nor to you and yours.
There is a wonder to Christmas, a magic that is beyond our comprehension, but that beckons us to experience a glimpse of this reality. I want to take a deep breath, slow down, and drink in the wonder of it all. It's hard for me to do, as I usually am looking over the horizon to see what's coming next, so much so that I often miss what's here and now.
Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love the music, the lights, the time spent with family and friends. I just don't want to miss it. And I'm afraid I might.
I don't want to miss a moment of it all. I don't want you to miss a thing either. Will you agree with me to take it all one day at a time?
I've got a book entitled "Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas." I have a couple of extra copies. If you would like one, drop me a line and we can arrange for you to pick it up.
May the Christ of Christmas touch your heart deeply beginning today!
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!


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