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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where does church fit in my life?

Church. When people hear that word, they have different reactions. Some grow cold and shudder. Others recall warm memories, while still others relate their current experiences. Whatever the response, we can be guaranteed some kind of response.
For some people, church is about familiar rituals. These rituals evoke feelings of worship, fond memories or familiarity, sometimes all at once. Church is boring to some who have been part of it in the past - and to some who are presently involved! To some people, church is a foreign word. They're never quite sure what goes on behind those doors.
It seems to me that we have got it all wrong. There's no right or wrong way to do church. Who says that church is about some songs and a sermon? What is wrong is when Christians will not be the church. Church is about becoming real with one another, whether Christians or not. You can't limit this to a two hour time period on Sunday morning, or any other time period, for that matter. As followers of Jesus, we are to be the church - always. That means that when you invite another family in for dinner or a social time, you are having church.
Let's open up church to be what God intended it to be. Let's throw off the constraints that we too often put on ourselves. Certainly, be a committed part of a church, but be the church at all times and in all places.

Will you join me?
I'd like to hear your experiences and thoughts on this.
P.S.: Here's a book for you to read: Emerging Churches, written by Eddie Gibbs & Ryan Bolger. I've just begun reading it and have found it challenging and stimulating.


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