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Monday, October 30, 2006

Challenges & Promises

I think it's going to be a challenging week. My son is scheduled for surgery this week. His eyes turn in and the surgery is supposed to correct that. From everyone I've talked to, it's supposed to be a routine operation. Yeah, yeah, I know all that. But this is my son! Is any operation really routine? Anything can happen; there are no guarantees in life. On top of that, the surgeon gave us the spiel that she is required to give: there is always the chance he could go blind, or other complications. Thanks. I needed to hear that. I know they a required to say that to cover their legal butts, but it doesn't do a lot to inspire confidence!
What really makes things easier to handle is knowing that I can talk to God at any time. If anybody can handle this situation, God can. Besides this, I've had many friends and family say that they would be praying for my son and us before during and after the surgery. Without this support, I don't know how I would handle everything. I think I look like I have everything together, but looks can be deceiving.
But God has promised to be with us, to help us through the difficult times. No matter what happens, God will be there for us.
Other than that, life is going along smoothly. Busy but smooth. I'd like things to settle down a little bit, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
Yesterday we had a celebration service at our church. The building was full. Celebration services really don't do anything for me. I'm usually too busy running around making sure things are going ok to even notice what is happening in the service. Sometimes I'm just glad it's over with.
Anyway, life goes on, and we live to struggle against the challenges of another day, of another week.
I appreciate your prayers for me and my family.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm new to this blogging experience. However, inspired by my nephew and an article in the Toronto Star, I'm dipping my toes into the big pool of the blog.
What I'm aiming for is a forum in which I can share my scattered thoughts and get feedback from readers. In effect then, this is not my blog, but a community space for us to share together.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a follower of Jesus. Some would say that I'm a Christian. But following Jesus is much more than what we often think about Christians and Christianity. I want to reflect the grace and love that exude from Jesus Himself. Do I do that very well? Duh! Of course not! But as I keep on following Jesus, focusing on his goals and dreams and not my own, the road only leads up.
Besides that large and central aspect of my life, I am married with one young son. They are the loves of my life. Reaching further out, I have extended family that I love and care for, even if they don't always see it or reciprocate (yeah, you Jeff!).
I'm part of a growing gathering of people who are purposing to follow Jesus as well. Sometimes I get the privilege and challenge of sharing thoughts from the Bible with them. It's a challenge to understand what the Bible says and then communicate that to others in a way that is understood and that connects. After all, what good is the Bible if we don't read, understand and live it out in our daily lives, both individually and collectively?
I'm not sure where you're at with respect to Jesus. But I invite you to blog along with me so we can learn more together.
I recently talked about Jesus and His response to sin. One day when He was teaching, the religious leaders of the day brought in a woman accused of adultery. They wanted to trap Jesus into saying or doing something incriminating. Jesus saw through the whole scheme and turned the tables on them. "Anyone without sin could throw the first stone," (the punishment called for in Moses' law) He said. Now, the religious leaders were no different from you and me. We've all sinned, made mistakes, however you want to say it. So they had no choice but to leave. Jesus says to the accused woman, "I don't condemn you. Go and sin no more." (You can find the account in the Bible in John 8:1-11 - find it online here: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=john%208:1-11&version=31) He didn't condone what she did, but He extended grace and love to her. He extends that grace to everyone else, too.
I've got a lot of learning to do. I find it hard to be gracious. But that's the reality of following Jesus: being challenged to live as He calls me to, not according to my own agenda.
Hey, I've said more than a mouthful.
I'd like to hear from you.
Bless you!